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Horses (kabardin)

Galopp Kft. possesses the biggest kabardin stud in Hungary. Especially strong legs and hooves are characteristic of this mostly black and brownbay breed. The horses are easily trainable and have balanced temperament so they can be ridden by everyone from beginners to professionals. We give riding lessons in several languages all year round, both for adults and children. Experienced riders can participate in several-day long tours in the Somogy hills in addition to the daily cross-country ridings.


Riding (in the paddock or in case of announced riding out*)

15 € /60 min./person

Riding lessons

15 € /30 min./person

Child riding (5 min.)

2 € /person

carriage trip in groups (max. 6 persons)

35  € /hour

carriage trip in groups (min. 7 persons)

5  € /60 min./person

Аренда лошади:

37 €/день (2 часа верховой езды в день)

230 €/неделя (2 часа верховой езды в день)

Стойло для лошадей:

14 €/день



Galopp Lovas Üdülőfalu, H - 8621 Zamárdi-felső, Siófoki út